A downloadable game for Windows


    The kind old wizard went to face the Night-Night in the abandoned castle. 
    The wizard did not come back. 

    The young apprentice Fay is the only hope for the kingdom now. 
    She was sent by the King of Cat Kingdom on a quest to go through the forest 
    and into the depths of the castle to defeat Night-Night and save the wizard!

Launching the game

    1. Unzip
    2. Launch Gruppe7_FantasyGame.exe


    Walk: WASD 
    Aim: Mouse 
    Sword attack: Left mouse button 
    Use magic: Right mouse button
    Switch magic: Scroll wheel -or- [1], [2], [3], [4]
    Pause menu: [ESC] -or- [P]

Development team

    Ann-Birgit Kristiansen
    Per Roger Schei Martinsen
    Luca Smevik
    Nina Utby

    Eirik Jarle Henriksen
    Anette Rana

Made in Unreal Engine 4


CatastropheInCatKingdom-Win64bit (231 MB)
CatastropheInCatKingdom-Win32bit (207 MB)


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Overall, a pretty fun and very enjoyable game ^w^

Few things that could be improved:

- A visual hit indicator for magic, when you hit enemies.

- When I didn't run it maximized the "how to play" text overlapped with the menu on the left.

- Indicator for when powerups will expire